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Our history

Lillian and I have worked for many years in hotels and restaurants. We have been married for over 30 years and have an adult son named Axel. Lillian has, among other things, been manager of Åkeshof Castle in Stockholm and I have been manager of all restaurants at Sveriges Television and Berwaldhallen.

For 11 years we owned and ran Designhotellet/Scandic Värnamo. We sold the hotel in 2017 and then started looking

looking for a cozy place where we could open a B&B. We found a wonderful old house in Karlskrona  which fit perfectly.

We had come home!

We opened in April 2019. It was a great first year.

In January 2020 we suffered a major accident - the whole house was destroyed in a fire.

We have now rebuilt the house exactly as it looked. We opened again in June 2021..

Lillian Broms Johansson
Kåre Johansson
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